Teeth Whitening Package by Puresmile

Get stains removed and be back in your smile with the Puresmile’s teeth whitening foam. It better yet effective than any other toothpaste since it can maintain the white teeth you get from the teeth whitening treatment. It has micro-foaming formulation making the teeth remain white while keeping the gums healthy. It has a great taste, leaving you with fresh breath as well. Simply leave the foam on for 15 minutes and you will have the fresh smile that you have always wanted!  Use it two times a day, in the morning and in the evening. It’s totally safe to use on a daily basis. Once you use this product you might not want to use toothpaste again!

teeth whitening

On the other hand, the teeth whitening pens are small and easy to carry in your pocket or handbag. Puresmile teeth whitening pens are effective in removing stains from your teeth and can be used accordingly. They are a high-performance and economical to keep healthier clean. It’s even better as the foam cleanser yet also used twice a day. Do not skip until desired results are achieved. The XL pen provides double the gel than our standard pen plus the gel is 1/3 stronger.

How to use

  • Twist the cap until some gel appears on the brush tip (small amount).
  • Apply one layer of the gel to the surface of your teeth while having a wide smile – Get more gel when needed.
  • Avoid getting too much gel on your lips & gums.
  • Be sure to hold your smile for one minute so the gel can dissolve
  • After applying be sure not to drink or eat anything for 1 hour aside from water.
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    How Korean Beauty Products Are Easily Invading the World

    Supple skin. Moisturized lips. Non-existent blackheads. How do they do that?! When it comes to cosmetics and beauty, Koreans, particularly South Koreans, are mavens. It’s evident with the success of Korean beauty products online stores sell these days. People (men and women) are obsessed—and there might be a couple of reasons why it’s out there in US, Australia, and Southeast Asia beauty and cosmetic markets.

    Image result for korean beauty products online

    Why people love their products

    With the unstoppable waves of K-Pop and K-Drama, fans from all over the world can’t help but admire their skins. Of course, plastic surgery also comes in a discussion, but it’s not really their secret weapon. Today, Korean beauty products online stores sell circulate in markets that didn’t exist before. This reach only means that their products must be doing something right.

    So, why can’t people get enough of their products? Here’s why:

    They love to keep up on appearances

    Koreans are extremely cautious with their appearances. This is partly due to idolizing the western beauty standard and incorporating that in their own standards. A high-bridged nose, pale skin, and eye creases—these are the golden standards for an attractive person in Korea.

    For Koreans, it is not about being vain. They believe that the face plays a significant role in determining your fate. Of course, this sounds absolutely silly to many people who think that grit or applied talent matters the most. But there’s some truth in their culture: numerous studies have confirmed that good-looking people often get more opportunities like job offers. Click here Beautyworks Cosmetica

    On the contrary, one study found that good-looking people are more likely to be narcissistic and think they deserve special treatment that’s why they move forward faster in life. Economist Daniel Hamermesh elaborates this on his 2011 book Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.

    Nonetheless, with the Korean’s culture of adhering to a certain beauty ideal and their innovation in technology, developing quality and competent beauty products is almost too easy for them. Also, how about cultivating that ideal in the global markets? Your K-Pop and K-drama idols are taking care of that. read more

    Thinking About the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding?

    Planning on tying the knot soon but unsure of what theme is perfect for your dream wedding? It is absolutely normal to be confused on the theme you want to have for your wedding, especially when you look at several bridal magazines. However, below are some trendy wedding themes you can consider to make your big day more memorable. You can also hire companies like Life Studios Inc, for instance, to capture this unforgettable moment for you. Vintage Never Goes Out of Style Vintage inspired weddings never go out of style. There is something enchanting in the vintage colour palette that gives you a sense of nostalgia. If you love shades of teal, pink and chrome, then a vintage inspired wedding is the perfect theme for your big day. Companies like Life Studios Inc have professional photographers and videographers that will turn your memorable day into wedding films. You can watch it over and over again even when you already have grandkids on your laps. Close to Nature If you and your future groom are into nature activities such as hiking, camping or kayaking, a garden themed wedding might be a perfect choice. You would look radiant on your wedding photo with the green backdrop complete with fresh florals to make the entire setup more romantic. The fusion of greenery and blue skies will leave your guests feeling inspired. Make sure to take note of the weather when you opt for a garden themed event. You don’t want your guests to get soaked while you exchange wedding vows. Magical Night If you’d rather say your vows during night time, a barn theme is an ideal choice. There is something charming about being married in a barn. There is simplicity and sophistication when you turn a humble barn into something magical simply by adding lights in strategic places. If you and your significant other would rather prefer a simple yet memorable setup, opt for a barn theme to make the moment more personal for your and your guests. Don’t forget to hire experts like Life Studios Inc to capture this precious moment in a video. Beach Wedding If you love the fusion of sand, sea, and sky on your wedding day, then opt for a beach wedding theme. You can say your vows on barefoot and style your hair the boho way to complete the picture. You can have your altar decorated with driftwood and tropical flowers to adorn the tables. You and your groom can then take a dip after the ceremony to unwind from the long preparation and wedding planning. Campfire Wedding If you met your groom in a camp or a retreat somewhere, then an outdoor campfire wedding theme is a great choice. Not only will you relive the moment when you first met, your guests can have a taste of adventure on your wedding date. You can incorporate a canoe, lanterns, and arrows into the decoration to remind your guests of the adventurous start that brought the two of you together. What a perfect ending to an equally memorable beginning. These are just a few wedding themes that you can choose for your big day. Always remember, though, that as much as you want to leave your guests in awe with your wedding theme, it’s the unbreakable bond you have with your groom that matters the most.
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