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The 5 Most Popular Indian Dishes In Australia

With more Indian people now calling Australia home, it is reported that they now make up about 3 per cent of Melbourne’s population of 4.4 million. Across the city, and the country, the Indian presence has become fairly noticeable with restaurants and spice shops opening at frequent intervals around the city. The following article highlights the Aussie’s 5 favourite Indian dishes that can be found savored at any of the Indian Restaurants Dandenong has today.


Indian Restaurants Dandenong


Butter Chicken

The holy grail of North Indian food at Indian restaurants in Dandenong, this savory, sweet and tangy gravy combination suits every palette around the globe. With chunks of spiced chicken, tomatoes, spices and lots of cream, butter chicken tastes great with kaali daal (black lentils) and a loaf of naan.

Not known to people living outside of India, butter chicken does not really exist in ethnic North Indian cuisine. A form of butter chicken, which uses thick cream and lots of onions and tomatoes, migrated to the UK and became an institution. You can even find butter chicken on pizzas in countries dense in Punjabi culture, such as Canada.

Tandoori Chicken

You can choose among a plethora of Indian restaurants Dandenong has today, and unless it is a South Indian restaurant, you are guaranteed to find tandoori chicken on the menu. A tandoor is a clay urn used to slow cook or charbroil spiced chunks of chicken in the form of kebabs, or quarters of a chicken. The final product, depending on what kind of masalas are used, turns out to have a brick red exterior and soft white roasted interior.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Another culinary result of ethnic diaspora, chicken tikka masala is a staple at all Dandenong Indian restaurants. It is a delicious dish consisting of boneless chicken that has been pre-marinated, grilled to perfection and then added to buttery thick gravy. Chicken tikka masala can be enjoyed with rice, however, North Indians prefer it with butter garlic naan or handmade tandoori roti (flat bread).

Rogan Josh

The literal translation of this originally Kashmiri dish is ‘red lamb’. The beautiful red colour comes from the use of Kashmiri chilies. Although it sounds spicy, there’s no need to worry because the heat of the dish is tamed down with a generous dowsing of cream at the end of preparation. If you are on a budget and are looking for cheap Indian restaurants in Dandenong, rogan Josh and a basket of naan can be split by two people and still be considered filling.

Malai Kofta

Other than an amazing array of lentils and seasonal vegetarian dishes, all Indian restaurants Dandenong market has today serve this easy dish which can even be made at home. Kofta, or ‘vegan balls’ are a brilliant alternative to meatballs. The veg-balls consist of mashed seasonal veggies and are fried to perfection before being mixed in a thick tangy sweet sauce. This dish goes especially well with Jeera Rice.


With more Indian families immigrating to Australia, you can expect this list to grow with more cultures deciding to open restaurants in the area. To find out more about Indian cuisine or book a table online, you can visit websites like to get your palate worked up before your amazing Indian meal.

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